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About Us

Hangzhou jianfa machinery co., ltd. is a professional research and development, production of various copper, aluminum radiator enterprises. Founded in 2000, it is an enterprise with the qualification of hardware processing and has been producing cold forging radiator since 2012. In the past 18 years, the company has been strengthening software and hardware competition, strengthening team building, and improving production skills.



At present, jianfa has a group of experienced and high-quality technicians and managers, providing our customers with a complete set of processing services, including product development, mold design and production, product manufacturing and surface treatment. Our company's main products are aluminum extrusion radiator, cold forging radiator, heat dissipation module and various nc copper and aluminum processing products, which are widely used in various electronic industries such as computer, television, power amplifier, refrigerator, electric welding machine, LED lamp, charging pile, etc.



We have been working hard to control the quality, according to the customer's requirements, launched a series of optimization design solutions, solved all the problems that customers care about, so that our company has become the customers respected well-known radiator suppliers. We have designed hundreds of cold forging radiators for export to over 20 countries. We can also produce specific products according to your drawings and requirements.


The only way for a company to grow is to ensure that its employees get a high income. In the fierce market competition, jianfa continuously adjusts the company's development direction, enhances the company's manufacturing level. Technology lays a solid foundation for the company to expand its market share and obtain high-quality products and high demand from customers. Cold forging is a precision forming technology (cold forging). Compared with aluminum extrusion radiator, the integrated cold forging radiator produced by jianfa has advantages of good cooling performance, beautiful appearance and high production efficiency. Therefore, jianfa took the lead in introducing the forging equipment of 1500T, 1000T, 650T and 300T. Innovation and quality are the basis of the company's development to improve subsequent processing equipment. In terms of quality assurance and management, our company quantifies specific quality management objectives: customer satisfaction >=99%; Timely delivery >=98%; Customers complain at most once a quarter. The qualified rate of routine inspection is 100%. The company has passed iso9001-2008 quality management system certification in line with the service tenet of "meeting customers' requirements, continuously innovating, reducing thermal resistance, improving product quality and extending product service 、life".

The company is employee-oriented, employee-oriented and employee-oriented, sharing results with employees, sticking to the path of common prosperity, committed to the construction of corporate culture, and passing on the concept of "co-creation, sharing and enjoyment" to employees. Therefore, build a cohesive staff team. We take "integrity, responsibility, innovation and teamwork as eternal goals, cherish the environment, return to the society, and take care of employees' development as social responsibility". Finally, jianfa is willing to cooperate with old and new customers to create a better future