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Aluminum Extrusion Technology
Jul 28, 2017

Aluminum extrusion technology is simply to heat the aluminum ingot to about 520~540℃, under high pressure, let the aluminum liquid flow through the groove of the extrusion mold, to make the heat sink initial embryo, and then to the heat sink to cut the initial embryo, and so on after treatment, we often see the heat sink.

Aluminum extrusion technology is easy to achieve, and the cost of equipment is relatively low, also make it in the previous years in the low-end market has been widely used. Generally used aluminum extruded material is AA6063, which has good thermal conductivity (about 160~180 W. k) and Processability. However, due to its own material limitations of the thickness and length of fins can not exceed 1:18, so in the limited space is very difficult to improve the heat dissipation area, so aluminum extrusion heat dissipation effect is relatively poor, it is difficult to be competent to today's rising high-frequency CPU.

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