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Automobile Heat Sink
Nov 08, 2017

The automobile heat sink is an indispensable and important component in the cooling system of automobile water-cooled engine. It is moving in the direction of lightness, high efficiency and economy. The structure of car heat sink is also constantly adapt to the new development.

Tubular heat sink core is composed of many fine cooling tubes and heat sinks, cooling tubes are mostly flat circular cross-section, in order to reduce air resistance and increase heat transfer area.

Heat sink core should have sufficient flow area, so that the coolant through, but also should have enough air flow area, let enough air through to take away the heat transfer to the radiator heat. At the same time must also have sufficient heat dissipation area, to complete the cooling fluid, air and heat exchange between the heat sink.

Tubular heat sink is corrugated heat pipe and cooling pipe arranged by welding.

Compared with the tube-type radiator, the tube-and-tube radiator in the same conditions, the cooling area can be increased by about 12%, the other with a disturbing airflow on the opening of shutter-like louvers to break the flow of air in the surface of the heat sink On the attached layer, improve heat dissipation.

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