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Heat Sink of Cars
Nov 20, 2017

    Car heat sink are from the water chamber, water chamber and heat sink core three parts. Coolant flows inside the heat sink core and air passes outside the heat sink. The hot coolant chills as it radiates heat to the air, and the cool air heats up as it absorbs the heat dissipated by the coolant.

    There are two main types of automotive heat sinks: aluminum and copper, the former for general passenger cars and the latter for large commercial vehicles.

     Automotive heat sink materials and manufacturing technology developed rapidly. Aluminum heat sink with its obvious advantages in lightweight materials, in the field of cars and light vehicles to gradually replace the copper heat sink at the same time, the copper heat sink manufacturing technology and technology has made great progress, copper brazing heat sink in passenger cars, Construction machinery, heavy trucks and other engine heat sink obvious advantages. Foreign car heat sinks mostly are aluminum's, mainly from the perspective of the protection of the environment (especially in Europe and the United States). In new European cars, aluminum heat sinks occupy an average of 64%. From the perspective of the development of automobile radiator production in our country, the aluminum heat sink produced by brazing is gradually increasing. Brazed copper heat sinks are also used in buses, trucks and other engineering equipment. 

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