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Radiator production process
May 30, 2018

1. Mold test for high density teeth and large tongue ratio

Copper-aluminum composite radiator

Copper-aluminum composite radiator (21 pieces)

When, the first aluminum bar must be short aluminum rod or pure aluminum rod of 150-200mm.

2. Before testing the mold, the extrusion center must be adjusted, and the extrusion shaft, the ingot tube and the discharge port of the die stand should be on a Central Line.

Third, in the process of test and normal production, aluminum rod heating temperature to ensure that between 480-520 ℃.

Four, mould heating temperature according to the conventional mold temperature, control at about 480 ℃, the flat die with a diameter of 200 mm below the heat preservation time shall not be less than 2 hours, if is die temperature in 3 hours or more; The mold with a diameter greater than 200mm is insulated for 4-6 hours to ensure the uniformity of core temperature and external temperature of the mold.

V. before testing the mold or production, clean the ingot cylinder liner with clear cylinder liner, and check whether the extruder operates normally in the air.

6. When testing the mold or just starting production, the extruder automatically stops and the switch of each section returns to zero.

Material atlas of steel radiator

Steel radiator atlas (14 photos)

Slowly starting from the minimum pressure, about 3-5 minutes of material discharge, aluminum filling process mainly control the pressure. The pressure is controlled within 100Kg/cm2, the ammeter data is within 2-3a, generally 80-120kg /cm2 can be discharged, and then it can be slowly accelerated. The extrusion speed during normal production is subject to pressure less than 120Kg/cm2.

7. In the process of mold testing or production, the mold shall be stopped immediately if it is found that there is too large deviation of plug, tooth deviation, speed and speed, etc., and the mold shall be discharged in the way of point return to avoid mold scrapping.

8. In the process of mold testing or production, the discharge port must be unobstructed, and the cushioning support or clamping device shall be reasonably controlled according to the discharge conditions. Observe and find the abnormal situation at any time, deal with it timely, and stop the machine immediately when the machine is stopped.

9. In the process of straightening, it is necessary to carefully check the changes before and after, operate in a standardized way, exert appropriate force, and strictly guarantee the product quality.

10. According to the requirements of the production plan, make reasonable measurement. When sawing, the sawing speed should not be too fast.

11. The basket should be standardized, including the mat strips should be placed reasonably to avoid damaging the profile.

Twelve, profile ageing temperature control at 190 + 5 ℃, 2.5 4 hours heat preservation, the introduction of air cooling.

The material

Steel radiator: there are two columns of steel, three columns of steel, four columns of steel, five columns of steel, six columns of steel and other radiators

Aluminum radiator: die-cast aluminum radiator, steel - aluminum composite radiator, all - aluminum radiator

Copper - aluminum composite radiator all - copper radiator

Superconducting radiator

Cast iron radiator

The national standard

National standard GB/T 13754 -- 92 of the People's Republic of China

The industry standard

(1) restrictions on the use of long wing radiators of gray iron. (2) elimination of gray cast iron round-wing radiator. (3) eliminate grey cast iron 813 radiator.

Local standards

(2) the joint heating office and industry management office of the people's government of tianjin post regulation: old and new buildings for the cooling system architecture for the use of the cooling system must not cast iron radiators, can choose to take anti-corrosion of aluminum radiator.

(3) construction of liaoning province file (liao c&d [1998] 1998) published on the system construction of liaoning province, restrictions, and does not provide shall be forbidden to use technology, products, large circular stated bluntly: in 813 gray cast iron radiator in all restrictions on the use of construction projects, and out of time for the 2000.

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