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With air conditioning heating, why do you need heating?
Apr 23, 2018

A lot of people may have the question: I already have air-conditioning, and why do I need to install the heater again? To answer this question, we have to start with the difference between air conditioning and heating.

Winter air conditioning heating, it is through the cold media in the outdoor heat absorption, indoor heat release, the outdoor heat transfer to the indoor process, but there are many problems in this way:

1. Poor comfort and comfort of air conditioning.

As is known to all, the hot air rises, and air conditioning machine is generally installed in the upper room, then blow out air conditioning heat, will into the room at the top of the accumulation, formed on the temperature of the hot under cold, layout, both the "first foot hot cold", very uncomfortable, even under the condition of the air conditioning power is not enough, feel the heat.

2. It is difficult to work properly in winter.

When outdoor temperature is low in winter, it is very difficult to absorb heat. Chengdu outdoor temperature in winter, for example, often only a few degrees, outdoor water vapor in the air after being absorb heat, the temperature decreases to the freezing point, outside the air conditioning machine will frost, seriously affect the operation, even unable to work.

Air conditioners consume electricity in winter.

As mentioned above, the external conditions of air conditioning operation in winter are poor, and the air conditioning needs to consume very large power to achieve thermal effect.

Therefore, air conditioning is not suitable for heating in winter, and heating is generally accepted as the best way of heating.

Heating is the process by which the boiler heats the water and distributes the heat evenly through the pipe to the heat dissipation end of the room. Relative to the air conditioning and heating are mainly radiation heat, heat transfer from down to up, accord with human body "warm enough cool" top care needs, the body feels natural, comfortable, for people with rheumatoid arthritis and heart cerebrovascular disease is more suitable.

The heating source is from natural gas combustion, and the heating effect is not affected by ambient temperature, and can be used throughout the winter.

At the same time, the heating is very efficient and the engineers of the comfort home have done the exact calculation for us, the same heating system, the heating system is more than 35 percent cheaper than the air-conditioning system. If the heating function of the air conditioner is turned on, the operating cost of the air conditioner will be 2.5 times that of the heater!

Therefore, for the users who have installed air conditioning, they can choose to reinstall the heater, air conditioning and refrigeration in summer, heating in winter, and take the advantages of both, so as to achieve the best comfort.

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