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About Radiator Radiator.
Apr 04, 2018

Radiator is a kind of heating equipment. Mainly using the cold in the winter in the northern region, have the function of the warm, more use of cast iron radiator, but has now been developed more material of the radiator: steel radiator, copper and aluminum composite radiator, aluminum radiator, such as new type radiator, no matter from the material or process is better than that of cast iron radiators, radiator become the mainstream on the market.

How the radiator works: the temperature of the radiator does not exceed the temperature of the hot water in the pipe below. Although it is a new technology, it also follows the principle of heat transfer and the conservation of energy: the temperature of a heated object is not higher than that of a heat source, or the energy is no longer conserved. The temperature of the radiator will be the same as the hot water in the tube, not exceeding the hot water temperature. In fact, the radiator should heat the surrounding space, and it won't reach the hot water in the pipe below. Some buyers may wonder: how much lower is the radiator than the water? There's a lot of randomness in this question, not sure. It has a lot to do with room temperature, room size, whether it is tight or not. If the room temperature is low, the room is large, and the sealing is not easy to heat the heat, the heat of the radiator will radiate into the surrounding space, causing the radiator to be much lower than the water temperature.