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Air Cooling Radiator Difference
Dec 24, 2018

(1) CPU heat sink products: Due to the high performance of the CPU and high heat, the CPU is getting more and more high in the process of continuous integration, and the CPU heat sink is urgently needed for heat dissipation;

(2) VGA radiator products: In recent years, with the 3D, film and television, animation, games and other areas of visual effects concentrated in the field of innovation, the demand for graphics cards is also increasing, from simple one-dimensional production to superb The 3D production, VGA graphics function is also constantly concentrated, integrated, especially the GPU products, the performance is more powerful.

(3) Other cooling devices, in addition to the CPU and VGA, there are cooling requirements for the north and south bridges, other areas of the server motherboard, and so on.

(4) In addition to the radiator itself, it is inseparable from the powerful role of the cooling fan. The cooling fan has many different types in recent years. The best ones are rubber-clad fans, which are preferred for mute; then, such as LED lamp fans.

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