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Copper-aluminum Welding
Oct 28, 2018

Copper-aluminum welding is the combination of copper and aluminum materials through welding process. Because both copper and aluminum are easily oxidized metals, the welding of copper and aluminum has been an international welding problem. Commonly used welding method: 1: traditionally hung tin and commonly used method of the molten tin welding copper, aluminum, this method of forming is not good, not very good strength, because of the low melting point of tin can't artifacts under welding work in high temperature, so the process is only suitable for low temperature under the condition of small workpieces use, it is hard to apply to the production of other products. 2: in fusion welding, resistance welding, friction welding, cold welding, explosion welding, electron beam welding, ultrasonic welding welding methods, such as copper and aluminum welding, welding of joints brittleness is big, easy to crack and weld easy to produce porosity, welding of the workpiece unavoidably appear rupture, appear after fracture may makes a conductive body break, pipeline leak, so often can not meet the requirements in actual production effect. 3: with soldering, solder as the mediation by the brazing process of copper and aluminum soldering together (in fact is the metallurgical reaction, solder by capillary action into the molecular structure of copper and aluminum), after welding joint forming good, tensile shear properties and electrical conductivity of good corrosion resistance, is the common method to copper aluminum soldering, solder that can be used for copper aluminum soldering on the market of Shanghai song feng electromechanical copper aluminium welding wire, copper aluminium soldering paste, etc.