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Differential Pressure Transmitter
Oct 15, 2018

3151 dp4b22tm7b2k smart differential pressure transmitter, as a kind of high precision field differential pressure parameters of intelligent testing instrument, used to measure all kinds of medium in liquid, gas and steam condition of differential pressure, pressure, liquid level parameter, and the differential pressure will be measured parameters is converted into standard 4-20 ma electrical signal output, using HART protocol at the same time, with hand operator or PC communication function, transmitter output parameters configuration function, can adapt to the needs of different users. It can accurately measure differential pressure, liquid level, vacuum degree and specific gravity. The transmitter has a dustproof structure and is easy to install, use and adjust. The terminals and the circuit board are placed in the sealed electrical chamber above the transmitter and are separated from each other. So when the field connection is made, the amplifier is still sealed. The transmitter has reverse polarity protection to prevent the transmitter from being damaged due to power connection. When working, the volume change amount is less than 0.16ml, which can prevent the medium liquid column being measured from changing too much, so there is no need to add condenser or liquid level cylinder to compensate the volume change amount. 316L stainless steel is used for parts of the transmitter in contact with the measured medium. Using the surface mount electronic component and the plug and plug type design manufacture the printed circuit board, causes the fault less, the maintenance convenience, the versatility is strong, reduces the spare parts, reduces the maintenance cost. Product features 1. Complete measurement range: 0-0.15kpa ~ 42MPa, multiple choices and flexible application, which can meet the needs of most users. 2. Compact, sturdy and vibration-resistant. Integrated junction box and zero and range adjustment and LCD display configuration buttons simplify installation, verification and operation. 3. Non-contact local zero, range adjustment and LCD display parameter configuration buttons are designed on the transmitter housing to facilitate field adjustment of zero and range and setting of required field display parameters. 4. Solid, plug - in printed circuit board and modular structure are adopted to facilitate troubleshooting and reduce spare parts inventory parameters. 5. The damping is adjustable, which improves the selectivity of the user. 6. Intelligent circuit, convenient user operation. 7. It has independent anti-emi circuit and software anti-interference design, which improves the reliability of the product. 8. There is a sensor for measuring temperature parameters internally, which improves the compensation performance of the transmitter's ambient temperature. Since the sensor is in direct contact with the medium under test, temperature information of the medium in contact with the sensor can be obtained at the same time. 9. The field digital display meter equipped with the transmitter can directly display the pressure value measured, the output analog current value, the percentage value of the measured pressure corresponding to the set range, and the temperature value of the sensor body and its contact medium. The technology has been patented. 10. The transmitter can improve the fault recovery ability and greatly reduce the maintenance workload of the transmitter. 11. The LCD display table adopts the multi-parameter circular display mode to work. 12. With the HART protocol remote communication function, the pressure measurement is realized at the same time, the temperature detection function of the sensor body and the contact medium is added, providing more field working condition information for the user, which is helpful for the user to improve the process control effect. 13. The innovative design of the sub-chamber structure of the differential capacitance pressure sensor with all-metal seal enables the differential pressure (pressure) and temperature measurement to achieve significant improvement and good stability. The structure and principle of 3151DP4B22TM7B2K differential pressure transmitter is composed of sensor and electronic circuit board. The sensor part includes sensor, direct digital capacitor circuit, temperature sensor and characteristic EEPROM. The circuit board consists of: microprocessor, digital/analog signal converter, digital communication and memory EEPROM, which can convert the pressure signal to 4-20madc.