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Extrusion Is The Process Of Forcing Material Through A Hole Or Die To Make Products
Aug 20, 2018

Material selection is based on mechanical strength, weather resistance, electrical, optical and other properties. Process 3/4 of the blow molding products are produced by extrusion blow molding. Extrusion is the process of forcing material through a hole or die to make products. Extrusion blow molding process consists of 5 steps: 1. Plastic embryo (extrusion of hollow plastic pipe); 2. 2. Close the flap mold on the type embryo, clamp the mold and cut off the type embryo; 3. Blow and expand the cold wall of the mold cavity, adjust the opening and maintain a certain pressure during cooling, open the mold and write down the blown parts; Trim the flanges to get the finished product.