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The Undoped Bi-sb
Nov 07, 2018

The undoped bi-sb alloy is the semiconductor refrigeration material with the highest internal optimum coefficient of 20K to 220K temperature at present. It is n-type in the rich Bi region, and will be converted to p-type when the Sb content exceeds 75%. Sb was introduced into Bi single crystals without changing the crystal structure or the carrier concentration (including electrons and holes), but the width between the conducting band and the forbidden band was increased. When Sb content is 0 ~ 5%, the banding width is about 0eV, that is, the conduction band and banding are connected, belonging to semi-metal. When Sb content is between 5% and 40%, the band gap width value is basically about 0.005eV. When Sb content is between 12% and 15%, it reaches the maximum value, about 0.014eV, belonging to narrow band intrinsic semiconductor. As mentioned above, the increase of banding width will certainly increase the temperature difference electromotive force of the material. In the temperature range of 80K to 110K, the optimal coefficient of Bi85Sb15 is the highest, while at high temperature, it is the highest of Bi92Te8.