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Use LED Lights To Grow Unwashed Vegetables
Jun 27, 2018

In the field of facility agriculture, this is the first time that xinjiang has achieved continuous and efficient agricultural production throughout the year through LED photoelectric agricultural facilities and advanced hydroponic planting technology. Unwashed, ready-to-eat vegetables produced by the plant factory are now available in fresh areas of some of the capital's largest supermarkets.

Zhang shize, a Taiwanese who came to xinjiang with the technology, said he could achieve today's results because xinjiang has provided him with the right place at the right time and with the right people.

Shi-ze zhang said, can make use of plant facilities agriculture plant provides a is not restricted by external conditions, can be full-time engaged in agricultural production, and there are seven or eight months in a year in xinjiang by the cold climate, such as inadequate illumination is not suitable for plant growth, "this is the land natural climate in xinjiang to provide our days".

The most important factor in building a plant factory is LED lighting. "Xinjiang has a great advantage because it has sufficient power resources and reasonable prices, so that plant factories can provide vegetables with better quality and more reasonable prices." That, says Mr Zhang, is where the land is.

Speaking of "people and people", zhang pointed out that the development of the industry cannot be separated from the strong support of the local government and the support of local talents. "At present, more than 20 technical talents in my team are all postgraduates from universities such as xinjiang agricultural university, shihezi university and tarim university."

In the 6th China innovation and entrepreneurship competition (xinjiang division) held in wushi city, zhang shize won the first prize of the competition's start-up enterprise in the plant plant factory no-washing and ready-to-eat vegetable project. The vegetables produced by the plant factory have reached the standards of no-washing and ready-to-eat: no pesticide, no heavy metal, no additives, low number of bacteria, low nitrate.

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