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VGA Radiator Classification
Jan 19, 2019

VGA radiator from the type division, currently the most mainstream international VGA radiator for the air cooling radiator and heat pipe radiator, and because of the VGA radiator generally higher prices, are high-end VGA cooling products, so in general, the air cooling radiator and heat pipe radiator is a fusion of one, while both characteristics.

The VGA radiator is divided from the way of heat dissipation, which is mainly divided into the downward blowing way of heat dissipation. Due to the limitation of the position of the graphics card on the main board and the way of using the graphics card, the way of the VGA and CPU radiator is quite different.

VGA radiator according to the heat pipe from low to high to divide, can have 2 heat pipe radiator, 4 heat pipe radiator, 6 heat pipe radiator and so on; And CPU radiator, such as the jiuzhou fengshen DEEPCOOL enterprise, has a very good VGA radiator research and development capabilities