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Why Are The Radiators Made Of Aluminum?
Apr 04, 2018

      Now our domestic commonly used types of aluminum radiator are: electronics, electrical appliances, computer aluminum radiator, sunflower aluminum radiator, aluminum radiator also known as aluminum radiator aluminum or sunflower), power semiconductor radiator profiles etc, because of its superior performance has been widely used in household appliances, railway locomotive, machinery, automobile, air compressor and other fields.

      Aluminum profile radiator mainly has high die-casting aluminum and tensile aluminum alloy welding two kinds. But in the life or industrial application of the choice of aluminum radiator, it is better to choose the high die-casting aluminum module combined radiator. This kind of radiator is a whole die-casting, so no weld leakage problem. And its biggest advantage is that the product is not subject to the limitation of district heating system, even in the open system of boiler can not affected by oxygen corrosion due to the modular design of module, after a heating season, if it is found that the indoor temperature is not enough, can also be further equipped with one or two pieces in the second year to meet their own needs, rather than having to steel need to replace all the whole heating radiator.

   Advantages of aluminum profile radiator:

 1. Beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance and good energy saving effect.

 2. The surface of the processed aluminum radiator surface is treated with anodic oxidation to increase the corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and aesthetic appearance of the aluminum.