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Winter Can Also Suffer From Air Conditioning
Jun 27, 2018

If you think that only summer can suffer from air conditioning, you are wrong. What are the symptoms of air conditioning in winter? How can we prevent it? Check it out with us.

The signs of a problem called astrocytopathy during the winter months

1. Cold and fever symptoms caused by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor during the sophomore year.

2. Dry skin, hoarseness of the throat and burning of the lips caused by long-term dry environment.

3. Dizziness, nausea, forgetfulness, loss of appetite and slow reaction caused by the closed environment, poor air circulation and high carbon dioxide content.

4. Indoor temperature is too warm, leading to a large number of e. coli bacteria breeding, through the respiratory tract into the human body, resulting in respiratory infection.

The five ways in which chronic diseases can be prevented

1. Maintain regular indoor ventilation

Open the window twice to three times a day for half an hour, can effectively reduce the indoor germ breeding. Can go out of the air conditioning room to breathe properly to slow down dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

2. The air conditioning temperature should be moderate

Control the indoor temperature 15 ℃ - 18 ℃ people will feel comfortable, too warm can make you sleepy, not only reduce the efficiency but also the influence is healthy.

3. Control indoor humidity

In winter, it is hard to avoid drying in the air conditioning room for a long time. In order to alleviate this situation, appropriate plants can be planted or humidifiers can be used. Usually one or two POTS of plants can be used in a room.

Pay attention to your body hydrating

Dry indoor environment will certainly affect the water in the body, can increase the amount of drinking water appropriately, maintain the body's water and salt balance. In addition, eat some wet and with characteristics of warm food, such as sesame, carrot, tomato, bean curd, tremella, etc. Also has the function of prevention, do not eat or eat less spicy food, do not drink or drink less.

5. Clean the air conditioner regularly

Cleaning air conditioners may be a problem that many consumers tend to overlook. If air conditioning is dirty, especially the filter will cause a lot of bacteria, bacteria after open air conditioning is blown into the air, to enter the human body, causing various diseases, so be sure to regular cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning.